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Сообщение от Вуолы:

3 December 2006 - Limited news

I have not written for a while now because it appears that there is no major news to communicate. Rinpoche has not been able to consume anything orally for a number of days and he continues to loose weight and strength. Even so, his blood pressure, temperature, oxygen intake, pulse and other parameters remain within the normal range.

Perhaps this is the most extraordinary manifestation of “normality” while the cancer is at such an advanced stage. Rinpoche continues with his daily practice and prayers and all attendants continue to offer their services tirelessly, around the clock.

Earlier this year a student asked Rinpoche the following question: “Rinpoche, I have been thinking that most of my teachers are advanced in age and that inevitably they will pass away. I hope that they will all choose to return among us but, it will be a few years before they are recognized, trained and begin to teach again. By then, chances are that I will be too old to receive teachings again. Is there anything I can do about it?”

Rinpoche: "You should be more specific when you are praying. It is not enough to simply say: 'I wish to meet such and such a teacher again'. Rather you should be praying along these lines: 'I wish to meet this teacher again, as early as possible in life. I wish to be among the guru’s first disciples. I wish to be present as soon as the guru begins teaching again and I wish that I will remain connected to the guru for a very long time. I wish that the guru will teach for a very long time and that my mental capacities will be active for an equally long time.' "


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